Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Picture Of A Womans Vergina How Do I Change The Picture Of A Man Next To My Name To A Womans Picture In This Section Of YAHOO-ANswers?

How do I change the picture of a man next to my name to a womans picture in this section of YAHOO-ANswers? - a picture of a womans vergina

This generic "gray head" is what you're stuck when your own avatar or post a photo of 360th NOW believes it is "gender neutral" and therefore, both for men and women should be utilized.

Click your avatar (value), name, or "My Profile" in the green bar above.
Click on the blue "Edit my Info" on the right side of the avatar on the profile page.
On this page "edit profile" you can choose:
• No picture
• Yahoo! 360 photos: Get my Yahoo! 360 now!
• Use my Yahoo! Avatar: Edit my Yahoo! Avatar

Click on "Edit my Yahoo! Avatar and community to save it (or go to:
- OR --
Click on "My Yahoo 360 now!" (or go to: http:/ /
) For some JPG pictures (on the left side - "Personal Information.
Choose your primary and SAVE, OK.

For each of them:
Back to "edit profile" on Yahoo! Answers opened above and choose the ones you want for your avatar. Click Preview at the bottom of the page, then click OK.


Annie said...

I think that when you change your bank account, a place to add a photo. I have not yet been found. I just joined Yahoo avatar, and come here.

NIcky b said...

Why do not you download an image instead of the gray image?

Fonzie said... ... Have in the upper right corner of your avatar's homepage must be a "Preferences" link, if you were to click it on a page, you need the gender of your avatar .= change can be forwarded. COM +.

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